Best Kitesurfing Spots in Morocco


Essaouira kitesurfing Spot

Due to its oceanic climate, this part of the Moroccan coast is always windy. Known as the Wind City, this coastal town features large expanses of sand for miles with amazing space for watersports activities, today it is the home of kitesurfing enthusiasts.

The different conditions allow you to choose according to your needs, the bay of Essaouira is suitable for all skill levels. It is ideal for beginners to learn how to control the beginner kites, and also for intermediates to progress in a riding area where they will have feet, you can also enjoy an awesome flat water during the summer time to improve your first jumps in twin-tips. Down south of the bay, experienced kitesurfers will be able to enjoy some great surfing conditions, it is one of the best spot that can offer nice waves in winter for strapless enthusiasts. For the Independent kitesurfers, it is better to have a rental car if you want to walk around, or look for some waves on the coast and discover incredible spots, such as Imsouane 100 km south of Essaouira, sidi Kaouki 25 km south of Essaouira and Moulay Bouzerktoune 25 km north of Essaouira.

The Essaouira spot is a 3 km sandy bay, with a side short wind blowing almost all year round, and offshore, the island of Mogador. This island, 1 km from the coast, protects the bay from swells and filters the waves and the Atlantic current. What makes this spot a very secure navigation area.

On the Essaouira spot, the wind blows side shore almost all year round, and it is a bay of 3 km of sand. The island of Mogador located 1 km offshore from the coast, it protects the bay from swells and filters the waves and the Atlantic current. Which makes this spot a very secure riding area.

Dakhla kitesurfing Spot

Located completely in the south of Morocco near the Mauritanian border, Dakhla is a perfect area for all profiles of riders. The amazing mixture of water at 22 ° and air at 25 °, combined with the 300 windy days per year will allow you to live an incredible  kitesurfing holidays. Still wild and so charming, it has managed to climb into the top 10 spots in the world. This immense expanse of water separated from the sea is perfectly suited to water sports, The size of the lagoon and the riding conditions change according to the tide : At low tide, it is extra flat and some kind of basins are formed. At high tide, there are more or less strong choppy areas in the middle, and flat areas near the coast, beginners feel safe because of the shallow water level.

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