Join our kitesurfing  & surf school in Essaouira Morocco to discover one of the best kitesurfing and surfing spots in the world, Essaouira beach bay. The town has become a great destination at any time of the year for water sports holidays. Due to the constant winds all year round and its mild climate, essaouira is truly a kitesurfing paradise. In addition of being a kitesurfing destination in Morocco, Essaouira is a well known place to learn surf. So if you've always wanted to try surfing but never have, there is perhaps no better sitting than Essaouira bay.


Kitesurf and Surf lessons will give you an authentic taste on the world of water sports. in other words, you will learn and practice everything about waves, winds and the equipment. Meanwhile, learning in a small group setting of 3 participants or less. This personalized attention is the best way to build your surf & kite-surfing knowledge, and confidence. Therefore, You will notice how easy, safe, and enjoyable it is to learn Kite surfing & Surf with us. Most importantly, Atlanticzin Watersports instructors are fully-qualified and very friendly.

Come and JOIN US for our unique kitesurfing and surf lessons or camps including accommodation that will suit any budget and group size where you will meet people who are seeking cultural and water sports holidays in Essaouira, Morocco.

Surfing in Morocco with Atlanticzin Watersports happens all year round, for all skill levels. Our beginner surfing lessons, are for guests who are surfing for the first time ever or surfed a few times before, and want to improve their level. We also offer intermediate surf lessons, advanced lessons, and surf trips to many surf spots, such as Sidi Kaouki and Imsouan. in addition of that we also know a number of secret surfing spots along the Moroccan coast, that are hard to find. our surf instructors are fully-qualified to make you Increase your surf knowledge, confidence, and techniques beside Learning important safety information about waves and the beach.

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Surf in Essaouira