Essaouira Surf Lessons

     Essaouira surf : lessons & Surf trips with Atlanticzin Watersports happens all year round, for all skill levels. Our beginner surf lessons, are for guests who are surfing for the first time ever or surfed a few times before, and want to improve their level. We also offer intermediate surf lessons, advanced surf lessons, and surf trips to many surfing spots, such as Sidi Kaouki and Imsouan. in addition of that we also know a number of secret surfing spots along the Moroccan coast, that are hard to find. our surf instructors are fully-qualified to make you Increase your surfing knowledge, confidence, and techniques beside learning important safety information about waves and the beach.

Because we love and respect the ocean, you’ll learn how to surf responsibly and safely, all while having a great time. We will not only teach you to stand up (or “take off”), you will learn how to control your surfboard, catch a green wave, how to focus on the dynamics of surfing, ocean safety, surf etiquette, surf culture, and more.

Surfing Lessons

You will really be amazed a how easy, safe, and enjoyable it is to learn to surf. This lesson is great for first-time surfers and also those who wish to refresh or refine their basic surf technique.

  Enjoy a fun surfing lesson in Essaouira

  Learn from fully-qualified local instructors

  Increase your surf knowledge, confidence

  Learn important safety information about waves

Surfing Trips

There are fantastic surfing spots all along the Moroccan coast, we also know a number of secret spots that are hard to find.

   Sidi Kawki 25 km from Essaouira

  Tafedna 50 km from Essaouira

   Imswan 100 km from Essaouira

  Taghazout 140 km from Essaouira


    Surf Lessons Prices


2 HOURS€25€40€60
4 HOURS€50€80€120
6 HOURS€75€120€165
8 HOURS€95€155€200
10 HOURS€120€190€240
12 HOURS€140€220€280

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